Oakland Mediation Center
Mediation is the journey from conflict to a new beginning. Your journey begins at OMC.

Oakland Mediation Center is a private non-profit organization that has served the community since 1990 by providing mediation services for individuals, businesses, courts, schools and agencies; 40-hour Civil, Domestic and Advanced Mediator training as well as conflict resolution, peer mediation, bullying prevention/intervention, and restorative practices in schools. 

OMC was established to offer mediation as an alternative to the traditional adversarial dispute resolution in the courts. Unlike the adversarial nature of litigation, mediation involves mutual problem solving, where the parties generate options they believe would best resolve the conflict.

Thank you to all that attended OMC's 25 Years of Resolution Masquerade Ball.  We hope you had an enjoyable evening.  Visit the gallery here and here

We have much to be thankful for at OMC especially our volunteers and those who made contributions to help us deliver our mission of peaceful resolution through mediation and education. November is the month of giving, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, OMC is asking you to give to help expand our services.  Please support OMC by making a donation. 

Thank You to Our Sponsors

OMC would like to take the time to thank all of our generous sponsors who support our center: